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Trusting talented people, today and tomorrow

Talent is the past, present and future of Ardian: to achieve the standards we aspire to, we must attract and develop outstanding people, wherever they come from. The better we become at this, the brighter our future will be.

“Our aim is to find talented people from a diverse pool and welcome them into our company. We want to do a lot more to promote diversity and inclusion over the next few years.”

Member of the Executive Committee supervising Human Resources
Diversity will strengthen our collective intelligence
To achieve sustainable success, Ardian needs to attract talented people from a wider range of backgrounds, while ensuring that they work in an environment where everyone feels fully included. Ardian’s strong performance and reputation allows us to attract talented people to all parts of our company. During 2019, we recruited 106 new employees, increasing our headcount to 664. These new colleagues are making us stronger in every department but, beyond that, we believe that to sustain our performance, we need to hire talent from more diverse backgrounds that better reflect the world we operate in. Equally, to ensure that everyone who joins Ardian can reach their full potential, no matter what background they come from, our culture must be as inclusive as possible.
98 %
of Ardian employees say they are proud to work for Ardian
(as of December 31, 2019)
Millennial Executive Committee: Ardian’s younger generation makes its mark
The Millennial Executive Committee has developed a series of projects to strengthen management skills across the company and reinforce Ardian’s culture and cohesion. It brings together a group of employees under the age of 35 across the company to develop ideas in collaboration with Ardian‘s departments. Their purpose is to support the company’s long-term success by focusing on attracting and retaining talent, increasing cohesion among our staff, strengthening Ardian’s reputation and improving its impact from a social and environmental point of view.

“Ardian’s decision to create the Millennial Executive Committee was a great example of long-term thinking. It encourages collaboration and helps the company keep pace with a world that is constantly changing.”

President of the first Millennial Executive Committee
new employees in 2019
(as of December 31, 2019)

Ardian offers talented people many routes to success

Many of our staff join the company as post-graduate interns, embarking on a journey that can open new horizons for them professionally and personally.

“I joined Ardian in September 2015 as an intern in the Fund Finance team for Fund of Funds in London, after graduating from Athens University of Economics and the London School of Economics.”

Senior Finance Officer
Fund Finance – Fund of Funds
At Ardian since 2016

“I am an Ardian ‘baby’. Like many others, I started as a post-graduate intern and nine years later I am a Director in the Expansion team.”

At Ardian since 2011

“I started my journey at Ardian in 2005. Like many of us, I joined the company as an intern within the Fund of Funds team in Paris, where I spent the first four years of my career.”

Managing Director
Funds of Funds
Paris – London
At Ardian since 2005

“I joined Ardian four years ago as the first native Californian and was excited about the opportunity to deepen Ardian’s Western US and Canadian relationships.”

Investor Relations Director
San Francisco
At Ardian since 2015
Committed to better habits at Ardian, Apoorva Joshi's challenge.
“Employees can change how Ardian itself looks at sustainability”. Learn more about the intrapreneurial project of Apoorva Joshi, Investment Manager within the Funds of Funds team in London, who is very committed to ensuring that our people adopt best practices.
2019 Activity Report