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We believe finance must be a force for good in society. We are therefore committed to understanding and improving the impacts of our activities, and to playing our part in addressing the social and environmental challenges that confront us all.

“Our new impact measurement framework shows our commitment to stay at the forefront of the industry’s thinking on sustainability.”

Head of Sustainability
companies in our Buyout, Expansion, Infrastructure and Real Estate portfolios have received a tailored sustainability roadmap since 2009
(as of December 31, 2019)
The sustainability challenge demands constant innovation
We have developed our approach to sustainability and responsible investment year by year so that today it feeds into every area of our work. We advanced our work on sustainability during 2019, making fresh commitments to fulfil our social responsibilities as a company and improving our monitoring of the sustainability and impact of our investments.
A unique view of the fund of funds industry’s ESG evolution
Ardian has been monitoring ESG performance among the managers in our Fund of Funds portfolio for almost 10 years. The data from our years of research gives us an unparalleled overview of the industry’s approach to sustainability. Since 2011, we have been conducting regular surveys of the GPs in our Fund of Funds portfolio to understand how they handle Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues in their investment activities and within their company.

“As one of the world’s leading fund of funds investors, we see it as our role to engage and share best practices with GPs.”

Head of Ardian UK and Member of the Executive Committee
87 %
of GPs in our Fund of Funds portfolio report that they have a formal responsible investment policy
(as of December 31, 2019)
Building tools to address climate change
Reducing carbon emissions is central to our sustainability agenda – but it will also protect and enhance the long-term value of our investments. The global drive to address the threats posed by climate change is gaining momentum. As an investor with interests in scores of companies, Ardian has a social obligation to play a leading role in these efforts, both within our own business and by helping our portfolio companies transition to lower carbon-intensity ways of operating.
Can AI have an impact on sustainability?
Listen to Louise Badarani, Data Analyst at Ardian Infrastructure, explain about Air Carbon, an in-house data-analysis tool that provides real-time estimates of airports’ carbon emissions.

“Using data analysis tools such as Air Carbon, we intend to transform the way we analyze the companies across all sectors and help them accelerate their transition to less carbon-intensive ways of operating.”

Head of Ardian Infrastructure and in charge of technological development, Member of the Executive Committee
The Ardian Foundation: increased resources to fund our programs and respond to COVID-19
The Foundation has provided strong support to its partners to help withstand the impact of the pandemic, and has expanded its social mobility programs for children and young people. Ardian’s decision to pass a share of its carried interest to the Foundation clearly signals the strength of the company’s support for initiatives to improve social mobility. This move will boost the Foundation’s budget over the coming years and enable the organization to expand its activities further.
partnerships with charities since 2010,
more than 160,000 beneficiaries
(as of December 31, 2019)

“Expanding our budget field they aim to pursue has allowed us to make a very material contribution to our beneficiaries during the pandemic, as well as doing more to strengthen our partner charities.”

President of the Ardian Foundation and Managing Director at Ardian Buyout
Nylaan Faye Postel, Entrepreneur and winner of the 3,2,1 program by the Ardian Foundation
Nylaan is an young entrepreneur and the winner of the 3,2,1 program by the Ardian Foundation. She is committed to giving back to society and works with talented people in the Seine-Saint-Denis region near Paris. Discover Nylaan and her project.
2019 Activity Report